2024 Mojah Dance Festival & Conference


July 8th- July 12th: Mojah Teacher Training Program
July 14th – July 21st: Dance Workshop, Seminar and Showcase
Live Drumming and Sensational Music

Dance Workshop and Seminar Schedule

The Seminars are FREE. Join us in person and online !
Email dancicalprod@gmail.com for the Zoom link!
Monday, July 15th Tuesday, July 16th Wednesday July 17th  Thursday, July 18th Friday, July 19th Saturday, July 20th
6pm- 7pm- Seminar: Dance of the African Diaspora 6pm- 7pm- Seminar: Mojah Dance History 6pm- 7pm- Seminar: Mojah Dance Vocabulary 6pm- 7pm- Seminar: African American Dance Experience and Mojah Experience teaching and choreographing 6pm- 9pm- Workshop Choreography Review  

2pm -4pm- Certification Session

4pm-6:30pm- Choreography Review

7:30 pm- Mojah Dance Presentation

7pm-8pm- Mojah Dance Workshop 

Instructor: Ajile Axam

7pm-8pm- Mojah Dance Workshop 

Instructor: Kikora Franklin

7pm-8pm- Mojah Dance Workshop 

Instructor : Dawn Axam

7pm-9pm- West African Dance Series

Instructor: Oginga Love 

8pm-9pm- Choreography: Grandma’s Hands 8pm-9pm- Choreography 8pm-9pm- Choreography      

Registration Fees
Non- Members: Enjoy our 50% Discount.
Special note:
Registration is $25. Be an EARLY BIRD and register by JULY 5TH for a fee waiver. Registration and intensive fee must be paid on or before the first day of class.
PAW Jamboree Intensive – $400 now $200 Mojah Conference – $500 now $250
Certification & PAW Members – $200 Certification & PAW Members – $250
PAW Technical Intensive – $400 now $200 Individual classes – $50/class now $25/class
Certification & PAW Members- $200 Multiple classes (10 or more) – $30/class now $20/class
Registration Fee- $25  
All Workshops are virtual and on-site!!
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Ways to Pay

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