Mojah Dance Theatre, formerly Total Dance Company:

Mojah Dance Theatre is a professional dance theatre ensemble dedicated to presenting contemporary dance art.  The company has performed nationally and internationally at colleges and universities, special events, theatres, and performing arts centers.

The uniqueness of Mojah Dance Theatre rests in the power of the company to perform Modern, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop, and their primary technique; Mojah.  “Mojah” means one in the Swahili language.  It’s a true blend of Horton Technique, Dunham Technique, and West African dance movements.

Total Dance Studio: Coming soon to Castleberry Hill

Offers services in all forms of dance and performing arts taught by outstanding instructors.  The following classes are offered at Total Dance Studio:

  • Mojah ( Modern & African fused)

  • Modern ( Horton, Dunham, Limon)

  • Jazz

  • Ballet

  • Hip-Hop

  • Drumming

  • Tap

  • African

  • Fitness & Body Sculpting

  • End of year dance and performing arts

T.D.T Espirit: A youth dance company ( ages 13-17) comprised of highly trained students of Mojah, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Tap. 

T.D.T Phase 3: A children dance company (ages 7-12) comprised of energetic and highly versatile children trained in 3-4 areas of dance.

D.W.A.M. (Dancer with a Message): Low-tech showcase productions that features individual and group talent from within the company; in addition to, guest performers that bring meaningful messages.

Total Dance Outreach Program: Features classes available at a discounted rate (35-50%) when compared to for-profit studios.  This fee structure permits our scope of services to reach students who might otherwise be unable to participate in this type of programming.

Total Dance Summer Program: An intensified dance arts program designed to give daily instruction and individualized attention over a period of two or more weeks during the summer. This program guarantees an enhancement of the dancer’s technical and creative abilities.

Work Exchange Program: This program is designed for college students who are passionate about the arts to take classes in exchange for their skills and services.

Additional Services: Other services include Professional dancers and choreographers for events, inclusive of videos and more. Studio rental space coming soon at our Castleberry Hills location.

The Dorimell Borders and George W. Axam Foundation
Featuring Dance  “A Chance to Dance” Program

The Dorimell Borders and George W. Axam Foundation, formerly Happy Feet Foundation, is a scholarship program designed to grant talented and underprivileged youth the opportunity to receive dance and performing arts training through Total Dance Studio.  Our desire is to enrich young student’s lives by providing an equal opportunity for them to participate in our programs.  It is our mission to train dancers and leaders who are motivated to create a positive change in their communities through the use of their talents.  Join forces in our efforts to make art available to all people in our communities.