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Please Note:  You may make donations for the Dorimell Borders Axam Foundation and purchase tickets, make tuition payments, class payments, summer intensive payments, and all other payments here.  When making the payment, in the special notes section write the purpose for the payment.  Please print your receipt and bring for verification.



Dorimell Borders Axam Foundation
Featuring “A Chance to Dance”

The Dorimell Borders Axam Foundation is a scholarship program designed to grant talented and underprivileged youth the opportunity to receive dance and performing arts training through Total Dance Studio.  Our desire is to enrich young student’s lives by providing an equal opportunity for them to participate in our programs.  It is our mission to train dancers and leaders who are motivated to create a positive change in their communities through the use of their talents. Join forces in our efforts to make art available to all people in our communities.

A Chance to Dance has successfully produced artists and leaders in the industry as well as other fields.  *Testimonial information available upon request.


Membership Benefits

Membership Levels

All Members will receive:
  •  Recognition in all of our program books for one full year
  • Tax Deduction
  • Fitness Class FREE for 1 year (Diamond level and Up)
  • Much more!
  • GOLD         
  • BRONZE   

$1000 & UP
Up to $24